Drumming is my life

I have been playing drums since I was 10 yers old, but my first instrument was Trumpet!!! I have also been playing a little bass and piano.

My first drumset was a mixt set from “Rogers” and “Wesper”, my father bought to me from Gothenburgs finest music store “MUG” (Musik utan gränser).  Thank you Roger and Bruce.

After making some own money from my first summer job I bought my first brand new PEARL set, a wood fiberglass. I played it for a year or so but it never sounded any good so I smashed it in to small pieces and then went down to MUG (this was 1978) and ordered a real drum set from Monro USA https://www.ludwig-drums.com/


I am self taught drummer but I have plans to go to the big apple and Bruce Becker to take some drum  lessons from him…

Dennis Nybratt – Studio owner and Technical Engineer


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